Sunday, November 25, 2018

A Dollar Store Prophecy

A Dollar Store Prophecy:

Not so long ago the dreams and visions that came to people were considered and respected as sacred guidance from Creation. 
Some dreams and visions have become known today as “prophecies”, because the accuracy of them foretold the truth and consequences 
about the choices human beings were given 
regarding which road or path to live. 

Knowledge nor political position is Power. 
Power is the choice to use knowledge wisely for the greater good of All Life. 
Abuse this Power and loose it. 

What will you do when the truck doesn’t come to fill the dollar store shelves with cheap toxic food, plastic, chemicals and goods from China ? 

As Arundhati Roy so eloquently wrote:  “Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.

The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability.

Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

So, what else is possible?
As I look upon the big box stores that litter my community’s thinking, land and life with cheap, toxic food, plastic and clothes…Remembering when we did not know we were financially “poor” …when the wombs of hornos giving birth to sweet, spicy, savory foods from our relationship with water, earth and the seeds of life was the fabric that clothed us in cooperation and filled our bellies with belonging to earth and sky and each other. 

Know this: When the land is paved over for airports, big box stores, etc.. that land dies from the toxic materials used to build such. That land will be toxic for generations, because you can not simply remove the concrete and parking lot and road materials from the land to be healthy again, because there are toxic materials used that leach into the earth below it. Yet some still think that paving over paradise will bring them security, through financial wealth, a security that is only temporary and at the cost of pollution to our water, earth and cultures.  And the hand full of low paying “jobs” at best, are not “economic sovereignty”. So, the county got rid of Stan’s Treasure Island recycle store and instead opted for corporate trash to feed and cloth our community ? As if corporate trash is more acceptable than the free boxes for the “poor” ? We are not “poor” nor do we choose to be “victims” to corporate empire, faux economic models, and  “rich” people’s “playgrounds”. 

So I look upon these big box stores, and in my dream-visions I see their corporate masters leave due to the lack of business, no one buying their cheap, toxic, plastic goods… and I see infinite potential born from the Power of the Peoples….

In my dreams I see these big-box buildings being taken over as Public Commons Buildings, and being re-tooled with solar power, water catchments and compostable potties, because the current Planning and Zoning does not have adequate rules and regs insuring that the buildings that are being built adhere the environmental standards needed for Earth and Water “changes” of today.

And these Public Commons Buildings are returned to the People to give space for:
Seed storage, a locally grown Food Bank, a fabric and wool and leather, clothing and quilt sewing machine complex, an Artisan, local health products, and furniture complex, a Grain Mill, a fruit and food cannery, a community meat dehydrator, a Solar facility for solarizing ALL of our homes, and a real Nixmal tortillaria, and bakery…OR how about a storage building for our recyclable glass, until we have enough to sell or bring glass blowers to town, so that the glass is not just broken up and spread on the land ….or how about a trash sorting facility? remember the one we were promised ? ….to name only a few uses…..

In my dreams “every job” serves the life and culture of the People, the water is not pumped out of the Heart of Mountains, rather is reverently respected as the life blood from which we are all responsible for cooperatively caring and sharing….and so too is everything that we CHOOSE to build or not build done with the same remembering and reverence that Earth gives us Life.

In my dreams our community representative-politicians resist drinking and thinking from the kool-aid manufactured by the corporate-capitalist-unending-progress-unsustainable economic model, and then marketing it to our community; for if we allow our representatives to pump the water from the Heart of these Mountains and Pave Paradise, one day they will remember while walking the ghost towns of Taos valley, that “they thought they could bury us, but they did not know we are seeds”….

In my dreams this valley is a flourishing garden, with new orchards being planted as the older ones begin to retire and re-emerge into worm and compost farms. 

Water sovereignty = Food  sovereignty = Energy Sovereignty = Collective and Personal sovereignty.

In my dreams, when the roads wash out or crumble, or become too packed with ice and snow, both to the north and south of us… leaving the dollar store shelves bare, the people will Rise and take back the earth, return to planting seeds, and making adobes out of necessity and the love of life….
We all know that Earth herself will have the last say ~ She is already speaking to us.
Are we listening? Human beings are only one organism of the whole of earth’s children. 
The harm to one is the harm to all. The honor of one is the honor of all. 
~ * ~

There are so many wonderful human beings that have come to this Sacred valley, this Sacred place, Sacred Home,  to live in harmonious relationship with earth, sky, culture and family. 

Having traveled near and far, the issues everywhere are the same, the trash is the same trash made from the same corporate entities making chemical foods and plastic from oil, and the choices are the same.  In the same way that this trash and chemically manufactured foods, chemical soaps, detergents, make-up, clothes - clogs rivers and streams, litters the ranchos and arroyos, fills the land dump, and is now islands of trash in the ocean…so too this trash and chemicals are clogging the arteries of our bodies, minds and life ways. What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. 

There will be no peace without peace with Earth, Water, Air and Fire/SunLight. We as human beings were given sacred intelligence, to understand the natural laws of nature, for living in beautiful harmony with Earth. The time is Now, to Rise, for the future generations of water, land, all life and the human family. 

So my beloved Town and County representatives and the Planning and Zoning regulators and all the people employed in The People’s halls of laws and regulations, remember that you work for the People, and the People, you and your future generations included, can not and will not flourish culturally or economically without a healthy Earth. What we allow to be put into our community we allow to be put into our bodies and minds. I am old and you are young, please take heed to these dream-visions and deeply consider the temporary wealth you may acquire, and at what cost to earth, water and culture, that is not computed in your antiquated economic models. 
No Water, No Earth, no Life. 

As representatives of the Peoples, it is your responsibility to seek out funding for culturally and ecologically healthy “economic” venues that will serve to nourish our community Sovereignty as a whole. Taos has everything that a people’s could need to grow enough food to feed everyone here, and create goods and services to trade with other communities…   Another Dollar Store will not provide food, energy, economic and cultural sovereignty to Taos. Then again, if you build it, the People will take it back and do something useful with it, just as the dreams and visions of seeds have infinite potentiality to return to the earth and grow life. 

Thank you for listening.
Abril Mondragon resident on the Martinez land tract ~

Monday, October 1, 2018

What Papal Bulls got to do with #MeToo ~

FB Meme posted by Melissa Silver

May the song of our spirits and life ways, 
give rise to the ways of clearing and healing 
from the systems of oppression 
maintained by violence.  

Am writing today, as we are experiencing a great wave of awareness of Earth's Nature, Human Nature, Sky Nature, All Life Nature responses responding to the the normalization of Domination that has been willingly adopted and unwillingly imposed on All Life.

“Ammu said that human beings were creatures of habit, and it was amazing the kind of things one could get used to.” 
― Arundhati Roy, The God of Small Things

We can be "aware" of "something", yet not know where this something came from or why violence keeps being re-lived, imposed and reinvented throughout American social, political, educational, environmental, media,  systems of living. We can tell ourselves, "oh it is a learned behavior". Ok, well where was this behavior of violence learned, who taught it? and if this is unhealthy for us, why are we still doing it? And the most interesting belief is "we chose to experience domination and violence".

These "somethings" appear in even the most "environmentally conscious" organizations, institutions and movements in recent history. Is like an addiction to something harmful to us. Is so pervasive in it's "normalcy" that some cultures have created a nice safe place called the "unconscious" to store it in. Most will agree that masculine and white privilege, lateral violence, verbal abuse, domestic violence, rape culture, and molestation is about control and domination. How many times have we heard an abuser say, "don't tell", "is our secret", "you're special", "you're the chosen one", "is for your own good", "am spiritually guided to do so" and even..."god love's you" and "I will bestow on you blessings".

Many have had enough. Many choose to focus all attention on solutions, creating beauty, sharing with others, being in prayer, being of service, creating a different reality, being in another reality, and some are in the practice of seeing no evil, hearing no evil and speaking no evil.

“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe. 
The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. 
Remember this: We be many and they be few. 
They need us more than we need them. 
Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.
On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” 
― Arundhati Roy

"Domination" is a very powerful drug. In Relational Cultures, the concept of "domination" does not exist. How we relate to, and understand "power" and what and why we give our personal power/energy to or With something is effected by experiences of domination. People and systems of domination use multitude forms of violence to Subjugate others emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually (EMPS), this is the economic fuel for the engine of Domination. If a person can be convinced to give their EMPS power/energy away to the subjugation systems of Domination, then there is no cohesive and coherent change. For example: the word "No" has been spoken in english to first language english speakers for at least a thousand years, and has not diminished nor stopped another from doing acts of violent domination.

In 1493 the Holy See issued Papal Bulls that legitimized to themselves, the conquest of Abya Yala (the Americas) by deeming that the inhabitants of any lands and territories not of the Catholic religion, and persons not caucasian Catholic/Christian males, were of inferior intelligence, and not fully human beings. The Papal Bulls also sanctioned the conquest, domination, genocide and established territorial ownership rights over peoples and the lands for caucasian catholic/christian men (patriarchy). Following in the Vatican’s lead, other countries, (France, Spain, England, Netherlands = world domination) in complicity with the Catholic/Christian domination code and hefty war chests acquired from the pillaging of sacreds, the water, mineral and plant organs of Mother Earth, and enslaving human beings, began to divy up the world territories and claiming divine right of domination and ownership (economics of domination).  For more on this subject see and listen to this documentary, at

To maintain this domination system of subjugation, a mass media dis-informational system was enacted through military and educational Missionary systems of violence (military, churches and schools) and has exponentially grown through out the "psychology of media" that is one of the integral Arms of Domination.

The aforementioned clearly establishes white male privilege, the culture of misogyny, racism and classism of empire, and "benefits" to all those who align with it and become "allies".

Today Domination has become internalized ideological indoctrinations that few can even recognize are at work in their thinking, feeling and behaviors.  The ideologies of the Papal Bulls created positions of authority and implied or inferred assumptions of impeccable integrity for those that are practitioners and "allies" of that “religion” and the “rule of law” which are laws created to uphold the Doctrines and Bulls, in the Doctrines and Bulls Courts, governments, education, economics, and systems. This is a “Kangaroo” system… and i mean no disrespect to the Kangaroo, am only using the language that Americans recognize as meaning:  “a court held by a legitimate judicial authority who intentionally disregards the court's legal or ethical obligations” in order to maintain the appearance that the  Doctrine of Discovery, Manifest Destiny and the Papal Bulls and it's systems of subjugation are “legitimate” as well as the actions of “legalized” war, assault, rape and pillaging of Earth and her children.

So, if we report, and go to these courts, we can not expect truth, justice, and reconciliation. We can however, jam their courts with overwhelming numbers of cases, that their courts will implode under the weight of truth.

No Court of Domination, can change the Truth.
So think about who the Vatican subjugated first, their women.
The formula worked so well, it has been exported around the world.

For example: The appointment of a Arpaio Maricopa County prosecutor to question Dr. Ford, was not lost on us. Nor the "old boyz club" that grooms successors, through alliances with Kozinski.

Furthermore: rape and sexual assault is a common part of the Papal culture of War and Military training for "God and Country". See documentary “The Invisible War”.

Some glorify “freedom”: "the suffix of “dom” on free"dom" means to dominate, thus, freedom means, the domination over free", oh how cleaver we be, in the crazy matrix of illusion of the english language. ( Steve Newcomb, 38+2 productions).

While “ American democracy” is dressed up as the poster child for "land of the free", and glorified and commodified all over the the world, there has never been an American “democracy”,…if there had been or is, we would not be resisting the oppression, and “fighting for rights” today, now. America was created by a group of white men. Call them “white” and be clear on what “white” means, because the Irish and Sami are still resisting this abomination. “White” today means to me, “anyone who is willing to uphold and live by the Doctrines and Bulls indoctrinations and all the systems of oppression that the Doctrines and Bulls have created to enslave Earth, the human family and all life. There are many educational pathways to heal and come into our wholeness as human beings, restoring our ability to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, untangle ourselves from the matrix of Doctrines and Bulls’ ideo-ill-logical violence and systems that is the internalized dominating presence in American Culture. 

My personal statistics, from personal experience: There are many forms of violence and domination, and we have named them sexism, racism, classism, etc etc etc. So am way over the top on the 1 in 4 women statistics. Real statistics are that women, PoC, LGBTQ, and all genders and ages will experience violence multiple times, and in multiple forms,  in their lifetime. Violence toward Everyone, and All Life is a worldwide phenomenal crisis.  The majority of perpetrators are White males, because they are the majority who maintain the beliefs, privileges and systems of the Doctrines and Bulls, that are acquired and maintained through the many forms of domination. Be that domination the funding of wars, the extraction of oil, corporate welfare, dolling out slave wages, etc. All the women who fall in lock step stockholm syndrome with them, are no different than queens of the middle ages, that attained position, property and $ through marriage and alliance with the Kings aligned with the Vatican’s Doctrines and Bulls.

So how does everyone else fall prey to being indoctrinated in the systemic systems of the Doctrines and Bulls?

Very simple, the system provides ways to gain money, property and prestige/position. These ways are marketed to you every day, in every way, in every flavor, color, and size. Is not easy to live outside the system. We have families to feed, cloth, and shelter. Yup, we still be in a 3-D world of form, we eat, sleep, poo, need healthy water, we get cold and hot..... get a job, need a job, and if we loose the job, don't have $ for health care, Johnny said, "you pay to be born, pay to live and pay to die" in this system of domination.

Ever wonder why in the 60’s when there was a big movement to “change the system from within the system”, and we saw the corner "food" stores replaced by liquor stores, and an increase in drugs on the streets?

We can not change the systems of domination from within the same constructs, language, thinking, and behaviors of those systems. These "systems" have been and are designed and created in such a way to maintain Domination. For Example, let's decode:, "Creating life long appointments/positions to America's Supreme Court, to uphold, set precedence, and determine the "law of the land". The word "supreme" defining the hierarchy of man made law over Earth and all who are children of Earth. When the present "justices" die, another one made in the image of the Holy See's Doctrines and Bulls, is appointed to take the seat until they die. This is just one aspect of Domination's idea of eternal life.

We are seeing a Rise in human awareness and activity giving their power and energy to gatherings, on-line educational seminars, with or without knowing, if they are recreating another hierarchal structure of domination or truly undoing the internalized systems of domination and violence within their own thinking, feeling and way of Being a human being. Domination teaches us not to trust in our Natural knowing, Natural senses. Domination teaches us to give our inherent power and intelligence away and to follow in the shadows of the perceived religion, political party, leader, guru, who's voice is loudest, who's on TV, standing at the podium, is dressed in a uniform, has acquired a degree, got the most FB likes....whatever.

May we give care to innerstanding that liberation starts from within and liberation from domination is relational.

One "something" for sure is that domination also falls like dominoes.

Meanwhile enough will never be enough in the great debate over she said he said, innocent until proven guilty, and corroborating evidence in "Kangaroo" courts.

 So will leave you with this:

she is daughter of earth, light, water and wind
she is grand daughter of cosmos
she is the eye of hurricanes
and pulse of ocean waves,
rippling springs and river rains
dancing, living and weaving
with the rhythm of
creation creationing
life giving nature

The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that its center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. -Black Elk

thank you for listening to my thoughts and innerstanding about
#MeToo and the Doctrines and Bulls ~

thank you for being

~ Alis-Itlatol

Monday, April 2, 2018

Peace and War Games

image of wool blanket from the pendleton woolen mills

Awake:  A Dream from Standing Rock

His trailer was nestled at the feet of the mesa made of touching sky stone people , who protect the world of corn maidens. 
That day, winds blew sand seeds that smoothed the pathway to the trailer house, leaving no trace of those that walked before,
and gathered up around the bottom of the peeling turquoise painted door.
As I paused before knocking, I could hear a TV blaring rumpus inside.
He opened the door, smiling. “Come in, Come in, good to see you.”

Inside, the TV droned melee, was something I never heard in Gramma’s home.
After hugs n greetings we sat down on the couch. 
The TV blared voraciously as he went back to working on a carving. 
I glanced over at the TV, and it was a show about military strategy.
“Why are you watching the military channel?” I asked.
“Because we need know what they are doing, and how they think.”
I thought about this, and that he was carving beauty while listening.

We were raised in ways that nurture life and our “roles”, are about living
and sharing the culture and language of living peace, with every generation.
He was one of the most peaceful, happy people I knew, and yet I also knew that
he had been to war, had learned the way of the military as well as the ways of our people to be protectors of all life. 
A few generations ago, the people had few or no “warriors”,
so they made friendships with others that were defenders, 
to help protect us all.

Today, many more people are choosing to be protectors, yet are not like the military, and do not think the same way as the military. 

So on that day, the winds blew and our tracks were invisible to the human and technologic eye, 
we became the sand seeds of time, flying within the cloud nations raining upon the corn maidens 
who would one day, become corn women bearing children. 

~  *  ~

So maybe you will listen to this video and consider all the many ways we live and pass peace to the present generation, who will pass this to the next,
and that there are many peace full people who are also protectors, warriors, defenders of All Life ~
and that there are many paths to the place we call truth, peace, compassion and generosity that honors the beauty and sacredness of Life. 

Video: The Peace Games ...and other 4th-grade achievements

A quote from the book the teacher refers to in the video:
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” 

And this:

Thank you for listening ~

Friday, March 9, 2018

Women Rise Up

for the 2016 launch of the national inquiry of missing and murdered women

Women RISE Up ~ 

May the movement of our personal and collective political actions be strengthened, guided and informed by our inherent Spirituality and Indigenous Cultures ~
May we realize the fulfillment of our collective cultural promises and “prophecies” at this time ~
and May we nourish the wise ways and life ways of feminine power, embodied by Grandmothers, Women, Daughters and 2-Spirits worldwide. 

This is a spiritual-cultural, emotional-intelligent movement, a journey, that we have been living and have been prepared for, for many many generations.  

We are not here for replacing the current regime with another regime of oppression, nor for the pendulum of swinging from one extreme to the other, though some would like to believe that this will continue to happen like the in and out breath of the cosmos, and will happen again ….as if in creations conscious, aware, intelligent energy in motion of infinite potentiality …there are not other possibilities besides a linear swing. So, my intention here, is to share with you something that am observing, about the RISE of feminine power...that nourishs the health of Earth and her Peoples.

Be it this side of the REZ or the other, this side of the US-Mex and US-Can imaginary yet militarily enforced borders, or internationally, the health of Earth, the health of the Elements, the health of Nature, effects the health of the human family, and vis versa. What we do to Earth and each other, we do to ourselves. The health of the village down the road, effects the health of neighboring villages. The health of parents, effect the health of the children and vis versa. 

We are looking beyond the systemic corrupt political system that peddles the same kinds of corrupted “solutions”. We remember how we lived and thrived before it’s system.  For example, instead of "universal health care" that could include traditional natural cultural practices and medicines…we are offered to pay for and buy health care coverage from Medicaid…which does not even include massage therapy! ….meanwhile Billions are spent on nuclear bombs, military and prisons ~ 
we are being thrown a crumbs, 
which is similar to Gov. Martinez -NM, who signed very quickly a bill to give the least paid teachers a raise ~ yes she got wind of Virginia state wide teacher strike, moving to Oklahoma, and knows NM is right "at the bottom" with them. However this is not only about "wages" and feeding our hungry children, the "curriculum" within the colonial schools is also corrupt. See we would like to be left alone and go about our self-determination, in fact we would like the colonial government to stop imposing their laws and criteria on our schools ... however, we know that the corruption has continued to encroach more and more on our spiritual-cultural-lands and sovereignty as human beings. 

We have been told, “that it takes time” to make changes, it takes time to include our indigenous knowledge and sciences, well “taking time” from whom and what? “Taking time” conceptually, is meant to mindfu you. We give and receive in the infinite moments of now and now, is all we really have in this moment, this now of simultaneous past, present and future ~ and we have been seeding, nourishing and growing this "time of change" for generations. 

There is a Call to “Clean House”, meaning that we need to clean out the corruption of colonial capitalist governments locally, regionally and internationally, as well as the imposed colonial puppet governments within Indigenous Nations. This includes, the People's thinking about leadership and the structure of government, education, economics, etc. 

So let us, begin to support and place women and men in these “houses” who will clean them out as well as act on this opportunity to replace- change-heal the very structure of the corrupt colonial- capitalist -political- educational-systems that have oppressed our Peoples worldwide, for generations. 

May this be one more step in embodying relational responsibility, balance and harmony in the movement of Peace with Grandmother Earth, All Life and the unity of the human family, as well as for our cultural regeneration.

Please give a read of this information I have collected for you as well as about the 4 candidates that are very important to support, imo. 
What is also important is that the cultural leadership, knowledge, and coherent vision of these Women need to be heard for the cultural landscape of leadership to change. We can no longer afford to give more "time" to the same corporate female or male voices.  

“There are 500 women that have stepped up to run for office in 2018”

However this is not nearly all of what is going on ~
So i took a look at the current stats for US seats, by gender, race, religion and age:

34,000 women have contacted Emily’s List
to be trained and run for office. Emily’s List only supports “Pro Choice” Democrat candidates.

has a goal of getting 250,000 women to run by 2030

Run for Something supports both female and male progressive candidates and they have a search engine to see who they are supporting in your state.

When I think about 250,000 candidates, with the potential to be put in leadership positions, some of my questions are:
Are they corporate-capitalist status quo? Do they think outside the box of colonial systemic thinking? What is their cultural knowledge? Do they see all children as children of the human family equally ? Do they respect and have reverence for Earth? Will they put a Turtle Island Department of Peace in place with authority to end wars? yeah I know the UN has not done it yet... however the International Treaty that outlaws the use, proliferation and threat to use nuclear weapons is a start of something good. And will they put indigenous people and organizations in place, for example in the EPA, that already have been and are protecting water, sacred sites, land, air , and will uphold UNDRIP ? Will they support the rescinding of the Doctrines and Bulls ? And in my wildest dreams they would at the very least know what the "Great Law of Peace" is....

Now the 4 Candidates ~

Eve Reyes-Aguirre for Arizona Senator

Deb Haaland
New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District
this district by the way has historically been very right wing ~
May she bring a breath of fresh air to the district ~

Paulette Jordan, for Governor in Idaho

Maria de Jesus Patricio for President of Mexico

if you like these women, please consider letting your relatives know about them.

Now some say, everything will change when i heal myself, or am spiritual and not political, or the Empire is falling so my time and energy is better given to XYZ.
All of these statements are valid, true …we need everyone to heal, and participate in positive ways for Peace to be realized ~

And, how did our local Town of Taos Elections go? The same old colonial- capitalist-economics was re-elected.  I live in the county, so could not vote for the town government. However, i feel a rumbling ... 

Thank you for listening ~

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Butterfly Warriors and the Zapatista Presidential Candidate

“All creatures must learn that there exist predators. Without this knowing, a woman will be unable to negotiate safely within her own forest without being devoured. To understand the predator is to become a mature animal who is not vulnerable out of naivete, inexperience, or foolishness.” 
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Was so interesting to read the comments about the Why? an Indigenous Zapatista Presidential Candidate, María de Jesús Patricio.

We could debate all sorts of things like why would the Zapatistas participate in the corrupt system, why is this woman wearing as mask, why why why ?

so, if you don't know who the CNI and María de Jesús Patricio is:
She clarified that the effort isn’t just for indigenous people, but for Mexicans from all walks of society, “to join forces to be able to destroy this system that is generally finishing us all off.”
 Thirty-two years after the September 1985 Mexico City earthquake, in September 2017,  another earthquake shook near Mexico City... what was seen from afar, here in northern New Mexico, was a dream that came during the time of the Sept 2017 earthquake. Not knowing exactly where it fit into the weaving of dreams that are the living conscious and intentional dialogue of Grandmother Earth ...
Have received numerous dreams similar to this one... so waited to see or hear something in this tangible world acknowledging the dreamspeak...
after all this here "northern New Mexico" was only severed from Mexico by conquest's illusionary borders in 1848 ~

The Dreamspeak:
Grandmother Earth was breaking and splitting, upheaving and hurling off buildings and earth, imposed religious, political, military systems and
birthing out of this ...
were Butterflys...
ancestral Butterflys
Ancestors in the form of Butterflys...Itzpapalotl ~

For me, the mask allows for autonomy during the fall of the empire of the age of patriarchal man, man speak, and man spread ... this could be any woman, this could you or me, speaking in terms of infinite potentiality,
in the Nowness,
time of metamorphosis.
Speaking in the Voice of the Feminine,
this voice, that rumbles n moves with the earth,
that sings with the winds,
that weaves with the seasons,
that flows with the rivers,
this voice a timeless voicing Power
of the life giving wilding nature of the original instructions
from the Sea of Emergence ~

Am not naive enough to think that the Zapatistas give a hootie about being part of the corrupt political system ~ rather this is a another Calling, 
for Now is the time,
when the women will lead and the men will protect and support us ~

yes the "prophecies" have been and are being fullfilled and realized ~

Yours Truly ~
Alis Itlatol

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Muses about moving energy, prayers in motion and renewing ancestral trade routes

Magpie Dreaming by Abril Mondragon

Good Morning Relatives, 
Morning Star prayers n blessings
for All Life is Sacred ~
and the Beautiful gift of Life from Creation ~

Am musing about moving energy, energy in motion, prayers in motion and renewing ancestral trade routes

being the prayer in motion
the "doing" as well as the inner movement of
conscious, aware, intention
is power,

what n how we give n live
this gift of living energy
is a woven tapestry 
of moving energy

this living energy
in whatever seen and unseen forms
is flowing through us, 
around us, within us
and is within all life

this living conscious, aware, 
intelligent, energy in motion - e-motion
is yOur "Spirits" of "Beauty"
that is made from the 
living life n spirit of the Elements of Creation

there is no "or" in Creator
creator is not a noun
rather Creation, Creationing
is alive, living, life giving life

We know the "Time is Now,
to Be the Prayer in Motion"
because we are moving energy
for the greater good of All Life

this movement answering the call 
for metamorphosis to occur
while a crumbling civilization's
matrix crumbles

to birth like butterflys during a
change that is and will continue
in the flow 
of nourishing life giving cycles
that are nourishing life

as we look over the horizon 
with ancestar eyes 
to renew ancestral trade routes
moving the energy of water, earth, light n air
the cosmic planetary bodies, within us
and with the tangible actions of energy in motion
for our cultural - social metamorphosis


“ In this crisis rich and poor will be forced to struggle as equals in order to survive.” 
Dan Evehema, Hopi Elder

So am going to invite you to not focus on what isn't, or why it's not...
rather ask yourself: What else is possible?

The formula for renewing ancestral trade routes is simple ...
you supporting n sharing n giving with x # of people and organizations
and x # of people and organizations nourishing you.
Reciprocity spiraling like a river of fibonacci waves
will break the dam of greed creating need.

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Thank you for listening

Monday, August 14, 2017

Meet TAOS Studio Tour Artist, Abril Mondragon

picture: original and custom gourd rattles

As summer sun melts into the seeds 
of fruits promises renewing promises 
on forever’s horizon
of life giving cycles …

You are invited to Life Way Artist, Abril Mondragon’s home studio for the 
annual TAOS ( Taos Art Organization) Studio Tour, Sept 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 2017
#36 on the tour map: 

Abril’s Visionary and Traditional Arts are a tapestry woven from life ways passed from generation to generation and the process of resilient beauty born from the dance and journey of Life giving, to Life.

Her arts range from the mystical to the practical and are deliciously enhanced from her experience as a local, regional and international storyteller, speaker, healing and ceremonial arts practitioner, educator, and self published poet, author and media artist. 

Prayers for the Dreamseeds of Creation 
Winter Solstice at Standing Rock 2016

For the studio tour she will be offering original acrylic paintings, limited edition giclee prints and cards, the Dreamseed Visionary Card collection, Gourd Art: Spirit Bowls, Boxes, and Rattles, and her fabulous Golden Bear Salve.

Grandmother of Blue Mountain

Come for Atole ( traditional corn drink), 
Come for a story 
Come to give and receive
Come to enjoy her Garden of Arts 

"Hummingbird 4 Direction Starflower" 
lidded spirit box - approx 8"  diameter 

Special, custom and gallery requests 
as well as Medicine Story and Speaking engagements 
are always welcome ~

Address: 13 Camino Coyote
~ * ~
Portions of the proceeds from her art allow her to support indigenous programs, participate with youth solution focused projects, and a variety of Councils and volunteer her services to the NMCD - Native American Spiritual Program. 

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Thank you for your sacred time and generosity.