Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The High Road to Taos: Water, Earth, Life and Kleptomania

The High Road to Taos:

Water, Earth, Life and Kleptomania 

(Kleptomania: The word was much-derided in 19c. as a fancy term for old-fashioned thievery and an opportunity for the privileged to claim a psychological motive 
for criminal misbehavior.)

Dear Earthlings,
By now everyone who has come to live here within the Taos Pueblo World, this Taos Mountain Watershed, understands "water is life", "agua es vida", the "Milagro Beanfield War" ... and maybe not ....about what this means to be a "earthling", child of earth, sun and innerstand that we are made from water, earth, breathwinds and light... and we can not live as healthy human beings with out this relational responsibility to, with, and for the Elementals, Mother Earth and All Life...

Maybe everyone knows about the TVAA, Abeyta and Adamont settlement's proposed 13 mega wells in the name of illusionary "progress", which is gaining more and more underground whispers from la gente, that Now is the time for a moratorium on the growth of Taos, Santa Fe and Albuquerque !

Oh my ! "a moratorium" ! how could this be even mentioned in the presence of economic growth as the story of the mega motel unfolds along with the proposed OHV ordinance, the ongoing corrupt deal between KCE and Tri County which hinders us from generating our own solar energy, and behind closed door town and county government deals, and of course the expanded airport to bring wealthy tourism flocking in herds to pave the way for another mountain casino .....

[ More information can be read in the archival posts by La Jicarita's Kay Mathews,  Taos Friction's Bill Whaley, and the previous Bear Muse's post may shed some light on local doings......]

Or how about the pipelines through Chaco or the methane fumes that can been seen by Nasa in the 4 corners?

So the "moratorium", is simply voicing the reality that humans are destroying nature by taking more than what is naturally given by Mother Earth.


In any dealings with government officials one must become a shadow boxer,
a ghost buster, or soothsayer in the realms where the government will or won't acknowledge, see, or act with transparency and relational responsibility for interconnecting causes and effects. (see below correspondence from a county commissioner, and game n fish)

Which certainly ....could make us look like fools, or rather the 
being fooled the context of : 
"only addressing the Bill Gov. Martinez passed in the NM legislature". 
How many times will we allow the fool and the fooled
to run amuck ?

While I may appear to be voicing concerns about a fictitious ghost...
Fact is that there is much mis-understanding and lack of clarity
regarding what OHV ers can and can not well as the confusing
information that law enforcement tells people, and does and does not do...regarding OHV riders on and off county and non county maintained paved and un-paved roads ~ as well as a total lack of acknowledgement to the destruction of nature (see petition).

I think this is an opportunity to have an OHV Ordinance that
does address Water, Nature and Culture .... all of which are necessary
for healthy communities now and for future generations to come....

To understand what I am meaning by "Culture" of originary human beings,
being Earthlings ~ please listen to:
Tupak Huehuecoyotl, Interview by Naomi Klein

May your day be filled with the beauty of Spring ~ and

please stand, innerstand, understand...however you stand with the love for Earth, Water, and All Life ~ and sign n share this petition....the voice of Taosenas and nos needs to be heard.... is time to rise up ~ the "commissioners" are here to serve for the protection and health of water, land, nature, life and all Peoples ...



FYI. Also, a county ordinance is on the desk of legal. I have not seen it, but we both agree to add language prohibiting off-road vehicle use on private roads. We will have to see if we get buy-in from the commission when it comes for a vote. I do not know when that will be.

Taos County Commissioner - District V

From: New Mexico Department of Game & Fish []
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2017 4:19 PM
To: Candyce O'Donnell
Subject: Public comment sought on proposed changes to off-highway vehicle rules

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
Public contact, Information Center: (888) 248-6866
Media contact: Karl Moffatt: (505) 476-8007


Public comment sought on proposed changes
to off-highway vehicle rules

SANTA FE – The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish is seeking public comment on proposed changes to off-highway vehicle rules. The proposed rule changes follow changes in state law governing off-highway vehicles made during the recent legislative session.

The current rule requires all operators and occupants riding an off-highway vehicle on permitted streets and highways to wear an approved safety helmet. The proposed rule change will require only those operators younger than age 18 to wear an approved safety helmet and to have a state issued license plate attached to any off-highway vehicle operating on approved streets and highways.

The proposed rule changes can be found on the department website, Comments can be sent to<> and must be received by June 14.

Printed copies of the proposed rule changes can be obtained by writing to the Off-Highway Vehicle Program Manager, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, 3841 Midway Place N.E., Albuquerque, N.M. 87109. For more information, please call (505) 222-4728.

Dear ....,

I am sorry to tell you that we are not receiving public comments on ordinances for those communities or counties that wish to pass an ordinance to allow OHV’s on the paved roads they control.  The public comment we are looking for is what Senate Bill 51, that was signed into law by the Governor, has changed within the OHV ACT.  Primarily two things:  (1) changed the helmet requirement; when an operator is riding an OHV on paved roads as per an ordinance from all operators must wear a helmet to only those operators under 18 years old must wear one, (2) if using an OHV on paved roads as per an ordinance then that OHV user must purchase and affix the now required license plate for such activity in addition to the registration sticker they may already have purchased that allows that OHV to be used on public lands.    

I hope this help clarify the public comment we are seeking.


Matt Seidel
Off Highway Vehicle Program Manager
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

Monday, April 17, 2017

NEW TAOS COUNTY OHV ORDINANCE whether you like it or not

whether you like it or not 
so says the Sheriff 

(OHV, Off Highway Vehicles, ATVs, Dirt bikes etc .....)

After hours just to make contact with a few of the commissioners today, 
giving me the run around about some fictitious "committee" working on an OHV ordinance? 
When it is only the Sheriff ....and he's "moving ahead with it" whether you like it or not. 

The Sheriff who respectfully upon my request sent me the ordinance he wrote
so i could read it  and kindly said for me to xyz, because "it has already gone to legal"
but oh wait...they don't have an attorney now? 
and sending it to legal somehow makes this piece of crap ordinance
legal and as good as god? ... 
God?, could we have an environMental impact statement on this?

If you know before I do and this comes up on their agenda, to get passed ...
Paleeeze let me know... 

This is what OHV riding is really about,

Dear Commissioners, 
After reading the proposed Taos County OHV Ordinance that has been sent to your legal department, 
as well as researching other Ordinances in other states ~ 

Am informing you that the ordinance does not include comprehensive consideration for private neighbor hood roads, private property, cultural, agricultural, livestock, beekeeping, noise, nature, migratory corridors, time limitations and acequia criteria, to name a few of the gaping holes in it. 

[ "private" means that the neighbors maintain the dirt road for all the neighbors and families...the county government does not. OHVs further destroy these roads, making financial impacts on maintaining our dirt roads and vehicle maintenance]

What the Sheriff's ordinance does say does say is that OHVs can ride anywhere in the County.

Am aware that some of you may be very pro OHV riding on any and all
private and county roads...and wherever and whenever the rider(s) want to.

However am inviting you to consider that OHV use is already available
in designated areas ~ and the impacts open OHV riding will have on
our neighborhoods, many of which are culturally rich, agri-livestock, 
and inter-dependent with of our natural ecosystem, having migratory elk, deer, and bird populations as well as the impact on tourism and property values ....

If you are not informed about national issues in both urban and rural
areas that have opened the door for OHV use ~ am encouraging you
to consider that if OHVers do this there, they will most likely do more of it here 
with the way the current ordinance is written. 

Please listen to what Colorado has to say about opening up for OHV riders....

And finally, please inform yourself about the impacts of OHV on our forests, rivers and natural habitats 

Children are riding and racing unsupervised, without legal gear, underage, on private and county roads, nearly missed crashing onto a car 3 days ago....and law enforcement has done nothing other than do a drive by.
If you approve the proposed ordinance, if a child dies or is injured, am letting you know that this is not doing your due diligence.  

If the county Sheriff's department can not handle what is already on their plate.....
why would you open the door for more accidents, that not if, but will happen. 

I encourage you to fully inform all of Taos County via radio, and newspaper, so that there can be a full public hearing on this issue.

Thank you for your service to Taos County
yours truely

So dear Taos Water and Mother Earth Protectors, what will you do ?
Maybe I'll get me a solar powered horse. 

~ BearSense

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Crow and Plum Tree

There are many stories about a time when the Standing Ones -Trees, began to disappear. Some stories said that they retreated to far off places of Mother Earth so as not to be found by humans. Another story said that  humans had killed all the Standing Ones. And other stories say the Standing Ones turned themselves into seeds, and went back to the unseen realms of Creationing's Dreams, and would be brought back by the Bird nations because Birds are kin to Trees, because Trees are Lifegivers of Breathwinds, Light and Medicines. 
This is a story about Crow and Plum Tree. 

Long ago ~
There was a man who wanted to be recognized for all he had learned and to pour water for the People in Lodge. The "Lodge" being a holy and sacred womb of the Mother that People may come into, to purify, heal and pray. The Old Ones considered the man’s request and sent an old Crow to see and listen to what this man had learned. 

After many months of observation, listening and sharing with the man, Crow invited the man to an opportunity to tend and care for a Plum Tree who was just coming into her life giving years of womanhood.

At first he said no he didn’t want to, because he didn’t like Plums, but he wanted to know what would be expected of him to care for such a Tree, and if he agreed, he would need to be compensated by the old Crow, for his care of the Plum Tree. 

The old Crow’s head tilted from side to side looking at the man, and then shared a little about caring for Plum Trees and Bears.  Peaked with interest, the man asked the old Crow to tell him more. The old Crow then gave him specific instructions about caring for Plum Tree, and a few comments about the bounty of blessings that come from caring for Plum Trees.

“I can do that !” the man said with tepid enthusiasm. 

The old Crow, then said, “Well you said you didn’t like Plum Trees, how do we know you will care for Plum Tree in a good way? The Plum Tree’s children will not be ready until long after I return, do you understand this?” The man then responded by repeating the instructions she had shared with him verbatim, and said that he understood all she had said. 

“Hmmm, well just in case you are in doubt about anything, my neighbor Ms. Quail has agreed to help you. Will you call on her?” the old Crow replied.
The man agreed he would call on Ms. Quail, and then the old Crow scratched some notes for him in the earth, and flew off to Ms. Quail's to let her know that she would have a visitor and that she would be back in a few days.

Upon the old Crow’s return she saw that the man had done exactly the opposite of the instructions she gave him. Plum Tree stood naked. The man had totally stripped the Plum Tree. Not one child remained with Plum Tree. He had taken all the green, not yet mature children, and packed them in boxes. There was no bounty of blessings, all Plum Tree’s children had died.

The old Crow, bundled the children up and took them to the mountains singing her laments for the Plum Children, apologies for her folly to the Bears, and then buried the children in the moist loam of the forest.

Oh holy little Plum Tree Children Seeds
Blessings on your journey back to Mother Earth
we are forever grateful 
for your giving and living ancestor medicine 
for Bears, Birds and Bees

When the man showed up for his compensation, the old Crow never said a word, and simply gave him what he understood, some money.

The old Crow pondered about what had happened and the man’s worldview about contraries. Humans will arrive exactly as who they are, she mused.  If human’s do not like Trees or a Tree’s fruit, how then can they like Women? Human’s do not have to “like” a fruit, to respect a Tree, any kind of Tree is a Tree of Life. 

What possibly may come from so many deaths? If i had not entrusted the care of Plum Tree, and had heeded the man's own words, then all those Plum children would not have died.  The old Crow prayed for many years and made many offerings, and waited for guidance.

Years later, in a far off land, old Crow found a woman named Plum Blossom. Plum Blossom stood near seven feet tall, walked with long leg strides and she glowed with the purple pink hues of sunset sky. Crow followed Plum Blossom to her village home and waited in a nearby tree. Soon Plum Blossom, came out of her home with a blanket,  pot of tea and two cups. After spreading the blanket, placing the tea pot and cups, she sat down an waited. Crow flew over and landed on the edge of Plum Blossom's blanket. 

"Greetings, and welcome to my home old Crow, please have some tea and tell me your tales," said Plum Blossom as she poured the tea. Crow cleared her throat and greeted Plum Blossom with gratitude for her generosity, and then told her the story about the plight of Plum Tree's children. In Crow's grief, she told Plum Blossom, that she wanted to find a way to make amends to Plum Tree and her children, and maybe in that way, humans would one day respect all trees.

As Crow sipped the smooth fragrant tea, Plumb Blossom replied giving Crow the Medicinal Seeds of Knowledge of Plum Trees to take back to people. Since then, Plum Trees have grown to be beloved by human beings. 

Alis ~ Itlatol
March 2017

Thursday, December 1, 2016

We are Daughters of Grandmother Earth and Sky

We are Daughters of Grandmother Earth and Sky
We are Artists of Life 

We are Earth, Water, Breath and Starfire Light
We are the Tree of Originary Cultures
We are the many faces and forms and flavors
of Creationings Life Giving 

We are Daughters of Grandmother Earth and Sky
We are Artists of Life 

We are Veterans of a War on the Feminine
Nature of Creationing 
that has been waged for 2000 years and more

Creationing is the Sacred Hoop of Life Giving
Giving Life

There are no future generations without her.

We are Daughters of Grandmother Earth and Sky
We are Artists of Life 

We are Veterans of a War on the Life Giving Feminine
Nature of Grandmother Earth

never underestimate 
Grandmother Earth’s intelligence
to put an end to this war
and life giving resilience for giving life

We are Daughters of Grandmother Earth and Sky
We are Artists of Life 


Women from across Turtle Island came together at The Oceti Sakowin Camp to facilitate workshops for three days in support of healing survivors of rape, abuse, and harassment. Daily healing circles were conducted to help create safe spaces for survivors to share stories. The events culminated in a march that brought awareness to the parallels between the abuse of kunsi/unci (Grandmother Earth) and women. Water and land protectors participated in making quilt squares for a special project led by Rebecca Nagle of The “Kik Ta! Wake Up” Project.
The Monument Quilt: a public healing space by and for survivors of rape and abuse. The Monument Quilt is an ongoing collection of stories from survivors of rape and abuse. To date, over 1,000 collected quilt squares have been displayed in 22 different cities across the US (read more on CNN and MSNBC). As the quilt continues to grow, survivors, loved ones and supporters are encouraged to make a square. In a culminating display in Washington, DC, 6,000 fabric squares will blanket over one mile of the national mall to spell “Not Alone.”
Special thanks to all the facilitators, Rebecca Nagle, Graci Horne, Deezbaa Andrea Marie, and many others who traveled to Standing Rock to make these events happen. Thank you for your commitment to bringing healing to our communities.
Siera Begaye
Tomas Karmelo Amaya
Josué Rivas Fotographer
Native American Meditation
"Lakota Women's Power Song"

Friday, September 9, 2016

Visiting the lands of Kitchi Sabe

loving you 
is like starlight dancing with ocean 
and flying hummingbirds shimmering
painting my day with joy


my journey to the great lakes
fresh water ocean of Turtle Island
meandered with streams of 
inner-connecting weaving
flavoring senses of belonging 
to water, earth, air, light
and all relations


there were saids and songs
and voices of heart stretched drums
from the next generations fires
shakers seeding sparks
of living resilience


water gives life, 
spirit gives light,
wind gives voice,
earth gives form,

beauty and life, 
living lovers
dreaming dreams
into woven tapestries
of living realities

Some say "it's not over till the fat lady sings".
So much gratitude for gramma's sharing big bundles.
So much gratitude for youth who gather seeds.



May the Spirit of Sacred Stones
Spark Protecting the Sacred Waters of Taos,
the Great Lake Fresh Water Birthing Oceans,
and all the Water Veins that inter-connect us  
with Turtle Island and all relations.

Chii Migwech 


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Measuring Masquerading Rip Tides

Mask n Mirror Carnival on pinterest

Measuring Masquerading Rip Tides

love knows love when
doesn’t want to contain, dominate, tame 
or rearrange her wilding nature
and there aren’t any more excuses
for truth 

love knows the way feelings feel 
when hearthinking
is a way to protect 
that way she gives life giving, life
to the feelings love 

the fragrance of the way seeing
tastes every motion 
of oceans eternal seasons
speaking in the tongue of copal breath winds
smoking from stones

and she knows the way
those feelings feel 
to make some sort of peace
with the pieces

knowing the look 
across the faces 
of memories and todays
that come in shades 
of pieces 
buying selling and trading 
the color of her flesh

bleeding terms of denominations
that can’t contain
the resilience of her wilding nature
birthing sleeping giants 

feeling the way hearthinking feels 
when publicly private
is a way to protect 
that way she gives life giving, life

to fertile rivers 
of thundering rain
when love has no terms
that can define her

Haven't written on Bear's Muses in a while ~
Alis-Itlatol has been out Dancing to the heart Drum with Cho Cho Fire and Starwalker ~ ,
so i decided to slip in, with a morning cup of atole, and muse about ~  

These days of apologetic predators, hunters hunting for something, because 
woke up one day sleeping in the individuality of the Oneness movement.
Sure, sure, yeah, we can agree that there is universal indigenous knowledge that all children need to learn to create a future of Peace with Mother Earth, All Life and the human family....

While trusting that the individualist culture will behave exactly as the individualist culture does....

There is no doubt, that there are many good individualists with good intensions, and that

the privilege of a colonial individualist means that individualists can remain oblivious of the language and customs of persons of collectivist relational cultures who are the world’s majority, 
are the world's majority, 
without feeling in the individualist's culture any consequence for such oblivion,
for such oblivion. 

The colonial individualist has not been forced, tortured, killed or put into circumstances of survival, that would necessitate the need to understand collectivist relational cultures ~
until recently ~ 
by way of "climate change", and the consequences of their owner ship individualist culture that has polluted the air, water, land and life ...
which threatens their own lives ~ as well as All Life ~
I could say oh, pobracitos ~ 

about the grand canyons, like broken treaties between speaking and understanding the same words in english that mean something totally different to the individualist and the collectivist culturally. 
There is no cultural context for the individualist in the individualist culture to relate to what a collectivist relational culture 
lives and knows ...
it's is like reading the words on a flat map... lacking contextual living comprehension ~
it's like the reverse of tutoring for "english as a second language" (ESL) students:
culture as a second kulture ~ and thus with the "teach everyone oneness movement ", comes the individualist sense of privilege and entitlement to be taught.

Please understand this ~ there is no "un and sub" consciousness in the relativity of relational consciousnesses cultures.

Yours Truely, 
Bear Sence, 
Broadcasting from the Land of Enchantment, Home of the Atomic Bomb

Friday, December 18, 2015

What's Love Got to Do With It? Predator Prey Dynamics

El Ojo de la Galaxia found on

daughters, granddaughters ~ look within your self
love and be honest with yourself
receive what you need, and leave the rest

Sting ~ If you love sombody - Set them free 

Long ago, a man showed up at Ceremony and asked the Elder, why he would teach and mentor "that woman" saying that he knew she used to drink, and she is "damaged goods". The Elder replied:
"She is woman, she is lifegiver of the future generations, who better to teach than one who has been to hell, and beyond the realm of heaven."  

One of the safe places family and village need is in ceremony, because this is the space we have created for healing. Another place is within our hearts and minds. 
Yet over the years, and due to the impact and trauma from the boarding school era, that brought with it the ideologies of seeing and behaving through the worldview of the colonial patriarchal religious lens, more and more abuse was internalized by everyone in the earth village.

Men became aggressive, fearful, and both verbally and physically violent in and out of ceremony toward the women and children. As time went on, the women were not being supported by the men, and struggled to feed and care for their children. The women who went along with the violent control and dominance were given better clothes, more food, and "status" as long as they turned a blind eye to what was happening.

One year a woman left her Tipi to go to the community ceremonial camp kitchen to cook the village stew for dinner. She walked down the trail gathering twigs and branches for starting the cooking fire. It was a beautiful warm day. One of the men, saw her and followed slowly behind her. He wasn't thinking about helping her in the kitchen, nor had brought any food to contribute. The woman came to the kitchen, placed the fire starting twigs and branches next to fire pit and began to chop the wood rounds from the wood pile.

The man comes to the kitchen, she greeted him with a good afternoon greeting and the man began to berate her. Over and over he bullied and abused her, until she began to cry out for him to leave the kitchen, and reminded him that disrespect around the food, can make the whole village sick.
He didn't leave with out a last and final comment of disgust toward her.

The woman went to her bag and got her medicines to smudge and pray and sing throughout the kitchen, and then prepared and cooked the evening stew for the whole village. She was also mindful to add prayer and a bit of another medicine to the stew, for bringing protection, good health, and stamina to the people for both the coming days of work to ready for the ceremonial dance and the dance. After everyone had eaten, and the kitchen cleaned up, the woman went back to the Tipi where her Grandmother and other sisters were in good cheer.

She began to cry. Unci said, "what troubles you granddaughter? what has happened to bring pain to your heart?, please share what troubles you with me and your sisters."

The woman told Unci what had happened. They all prayed about what to do. 
Unci decided she would go to talk to the Chief and tell him that there is a predator in the village camp, and for the men to take care of the man appropriately.

The Chief told Unci that it was not his problem, rather it was the women side's problem and if they didn't like what happened, that they would just have to walk around camp in pairs to watch after each other. Unci went back to her tipi and told her daughters what the Chief had said, and then called the rest of the camp women to Unci's Tipi for council.

The women did do everything in pairs. Long ago, all tasks were learned in pairs and this was a good thing to remember why youngers were taught and learned in pairs. But this is another story about why youngers learn in pairs....

However, the women doing everything in pairs did not change the predator's behavior. 
The predator became more emboldened, and abused his brothers in ceremony, abused his wife, and others. This went on for a few years even after Unci had talked with the Chief about the predator's behavior and what happened to the woman during ceremonial days. Finally the woman decided to talk to her brothers about what had happened. 

Her brother, the Chief's right hand man, told her it was her problem. 
She went to another brother, a little further down the pecking order, and he said, "yes, i understand.  The predator has been abusive, arrogant and disrespectful to some of the men as well, sorry to hear about what happened. If he goes out after my woman and children or my sister, or if i see him do anything to you, i'll take care of him."

This gave little hope to the woman, because machismo does nothing but enrage a predator's thinking that the predator is justified in fighting might with might. 

 ... so, in hearing that the eldest of the grandfathers and the Chief were
meeting, she asks to have some time to visit with them. 
The woman gets word back, that the Tunkasila and Chief would be happy to have a visit.

The woman goes to visit the eldest Tunkasila and Chief. 
Respects are given and received, and the Chief asks what has brought her to them, to talk about.    She begins, 
Tunkasilas you have called me your relative, and your daughter. 
They said yes.
Tunkasilas, you have prayed and said Mitakuye Oyas'in.
They said yes.
Tunkasilas, if a man were to berate, and be verbally and-or physically violent to your grandmother would you do something about it?
They said yes.
Tunkasilas if a man were to berate, and be verbally and-or physically violent to your mother would you do something about it?
They said yes.
She went on like this asking the same question, for aunt, wife, sister, niece, daughter, son, grandaughter, grandson and finally for the unborn daughters and sons to come. 
Each time the Tunkasilas said yes, and they sat with prideful duty for they knew that it was good to protect the women who are the lifegivers and first teachers of the children.

The woman then reminded them of what had happened to her in ceremony and asked them if they would leave any of their women and children and grandchildren alone with the predator. 
The Tunkasilas both said no, they would not allow that man to be around their women, and definitely not leave him alone with their children and grandchildren.
The woman then said, if you call me your daughter and say we are all related, then how is she any different than the women and children in their families?
The Tunkasilas said that she was not any different.

She then said, that when every woman can walk anywhere in the world unafraid, and unharmed, there will be peace in the world. To have this peace in the world, the men need to change, remember and relearn what being a man means in relationship with women.

A few months later, the woman noticed that the predator was not in the village anymore. She went to her brother and asked her brother what happened to him. Her brother told her that the Tunkasilas finally called a council together about the predator within the hearts and minds of the village. They decided to send the man for healing council and training, and told him when he completed the four years of healing council and training, that he could come back to the village and live. 

To this day, one predator has still refused to go for four years, to the healing council and training. He lives in another village where he abuses another wife of that village. 

Another predator roams from village to village, in and out of relationships, wrecking havoc on "virgin" Prey.

Another predator who did go for the healing council and training, became a man in service to his village, and has many healthy daughters and sons, and a healthy happy relationship with his wife.

~ *~
Meanwhile ~ the women of this village have been shattered apart because they too have refused to go into healing training and council to heal from Abuse, Violence and War.
Many of the women did not, have not, or will not come back to being in circle, and learn in pairs. There are so many ways that keep a woman off balance. The predator within is as sneeky and slippery as the one outside lookin back at us. 

I find it interesting that physical battering, murder, and war is spoken of in terms of violence toward women... and verbal abuse is not thought of as Violence. ...The word "abuse" is like, softening the blows and cuts, and helps normalize verbal violence. Like being told, "oh this is just the way the world is "... who's world? Or "Just get over it" ~ over what? the "it" that hasn't stopped or been fully healed? 500yrs of abuse and violence may need a few generations to "just get over it". Getting "over it" will mean that women's behavior will need to heal and change.

Women have the Crab in the Bucket syndrome. As soon as a woman starts to stand up, her old friends attack in the form of her own wounds to drag her back into the bucket. If she makes it outta the cage ~ deep beautiful relationships replace the old dysfunctional ones.

Verbal "Abuse" is Verbal Violence,  it is about harming another mentally,  emotionally and spiritually ~ and is just as life threatening as physical violence. These wounds that do not show up as physical bruises and cuts, that someone can see with the physical eyes, rather they are seen as cuts to the spirit from the behaviors of the predator-prey dynamic. 
( prey or "victim")

Women have internalized the lies of the predator, that have been told to us over and over again, until we believed them. They teach this to their children, and those children bully and abuse other children. 

Women still invite predators into the village or have relationships or marriages with them which continues generational trauma, because they have been taught that love hurts. Being taught that Love hurts, means that people choose what is familiar, and have unhealthy boundaries.

Women compete and are jealous of each other, this was created by the breakdown of family and village. Women learned they had to compete to make sure their children were fed and cared for.

Women hide their wounds behind masks of sounding pretty and spiritual, we can learn the map, this does not necessarily mean we know the territory, or have navigation skills.

Women exhibit the behavior of battered women, that think that if they love the predator enough, the predator will change. There is often "benefits", tangible or perceived, in this Predator-prey dynamic.

A healthy person does not choose to harm others, love has nothing to do with the predator or the predator-prey relationship.

The predator is about control and domination. A flip side of the predator charisma, yes charismatic predators, is to be full grown and still be sucking on the mother's teets, demanding for her to cater to every need, yet nothing is enough enough a bottomless pit asking for the woman to do someone else's personal inner work. While this fills the woman need to feel needed, it leads to abuse because, no matter how or what you do, that person will hold you responsible for their happiness. She then looks for the knight in shining armor to protect her.

Family Predator Prey dynamics ~ We all need a sense of belonging, that who we are , our purpose has a place in our family, village, and cosmovision ~ When the Prey speaks up to reveal abuse in the family, most of the time, the family will ostracize, deny, and victim blame the Prey ~ other members of the family will not stand with the Prey, because they certainly do not want the "family" to be "destroyed"...they have reasons for depending on the family to fill some need, no matter how dysfunctional it is. 

The other members of the family go along with the perceived authority or right of might, of the Predator to abuse the prey, better the prey than us, better the prey being ostracized, withheld from, than This is being complicit with the predator. The family afraid to loose the "love that hurts" because this hurt is what is providing what ever perks they get from it ~ maybe even keeping someone from being homeless, or provides the feeling that you are special in the eyes of the predator, and treated better, and well groomed. The predator grooms, both the prey and those that will be complicit in the acts of violence. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, therefore the violence doesn't exist, right?

"Not taking anything personal", is helpful, however, can be used by the predator when the predator "acts out" to diminish the impact their behavior has on another person. "oh, don't take my behavior personally" along with shallow "sorries". ~ Lets be clear here, Violence toward another IS personal ---and is not going to fully heal, until people get out of denial, and change the internalized mental-emotional-spiritual and behavioral predator-prey dynamics.  

Understand the Predator-prey dynamics.  Colonization is complete when it is so internalized, is taught unconsciously from one generation to the next, that the People oppress them selves ~ no need for the military, because the way the people self abuse, and abuse each other keeps them weak and sick.

Everyone on planet earth has PTSD. 
Bombs are dropped on other people in other countries ~ while the mental-emotional psycho-social bombs are being dropped, to get people to comply and go along with the violence of the predator-prey dynamic. Gaslighting and Gang banging is where one or more persons, media, etc.,  are assaulting you with a barrage of their resentments or issues, all at once, crazy making, and not allowing any response from you - some types of conglomerate media in many ways is about a one sided conversation, brainwashing's like a machine gun, when it's happening. 

When male or female, country or no country, human or non-human communicates a healthy boundary, they do not have to justify to the predator  ~ WHY... so, ladies, when you gaslight and diminish, ostracize, name call, use put downs, publicly shame, bully the victim, ask for apologies from someone you, yes you, have harmed, because  the abuse that you deny has been called out... you have become the predator yourself and are participating in supporting the predator. The Predator is genderless, it is a psycho-social dynamic and relationship with whomever is the Prey. 

We are the only beings that ask us to qualify and quantify and Prove, WHY to stop the violence to us, them, animals, the water, earth, air and fire ... if we can no longer tell the difference of being respectful and disrespectful to All Life ~ we need a whole lotta more healing going on ~ If we can not See the cuts and wounds inflicted on others by the thought police and verbal violence ~ you ain't no "shaman" ~

Ignoring and Avoidance~ which is passive aggressive, comes from blind ignorance, or because no one else can do someone else's inner healing nor make someone choose the pathways to heal. We can show the pathway to water, but can't make the person choose to drink.

Women are intelligent, be responsible for your education. Women see right through, the false feminine of love light and clueless. 
With-holding or blocking energy flow is Passive Aggressive as well ~ is another form of control and dominance. This can be seen in family, work or collaborative efforts, where decisions needing to be made together can not move forward because members of the family or group, with- hold in a variety of ways - time, energy, participation, tangible actions. And the re-action is to feel frustrated about allowing yourself to be carrying to much of the load, for the group ~ thus, resentment. A lot of people walk away, a lot of goodness is left un realized because of the lack of cooperation skills and commitments to do, to get the party going.

We are in denial or actively participating in change through healing ourselves. 
Do No Harm, Respect all Life ~All Life is Sacred ~
This does not mean we have no discernment about what violence IS...verbal, physical, environmental, economic, greenwashing, etc....If we as women can not stand with Truth, if Violence is accepted right along with the new ager "no judgement - everything is good" crowd's a free ticket to ride for the predator to continue to use and abuse women, children, men, families and Mother Earth. 

While we can provide opportunities for healing and change, 1/2 the process of healing is the response ability to show up, do the inner work, learn to Love ourselves, and Receive that which creation heals with. However lets get honest here, about "opening up and sharing about being abused" ~ be that violence from boarding school, domestic abuse, rape, murder, bullying, genocide...what find that, this information, this vulnerability, standing naked, allowing one's self to be heard and washed clean ~ is then used against you ~ this is one aspect of victim blaming.

For example, you're told "you're a slut, damaged goods",  for being raped.  Or within your talking circle or lodge, the Principle of "what happens in circle stays in circle", is broken. And let us not forget about the responses of "thank you for sharing", along with something like "you'll find the rainbow unicorn, in the silver lining of the cloud" - which to some may sound like grating nails on a black board, rather than, really feeling fully heard because the listening skills just aren't there, from the other people you are with. 

One of the hardest senses for a woman to recover is her sense of safety and trust with herself ~ this is the trigger that shames, blames and guilts, with the shoulda couldas on one of her most powerful senses ~ intuition.  Without healthy intuition, she is navigating the shadows of her dreaming. Without her inner safety and trust in her Knowing what is and is not healthy loving behavior, she cycles in her own perpetuation of the predator-prey dynamic. Trust that the Predator will behave accordingly, especially when it smells, walks, talks and thinks like a predator.

When women heal, they heal the past, and future generations in the present moment because women are Lifegivers. 
A woman will fully access the infinite potentiality of the dreaming with Creation, when she is healthy.

Women have been wounded by seeing and behaving through the colonial patriarchal matrix as much as men ~ the difference here is that from the colonial perspective of the Doctrines and Bulls, women are not fully human beings. So we have a large population of humans on the planet that actually don't know how this lie has been running rampant in the under pinnings of the unconscious minds and systems of government, education, economics, etc...and feeds the acceptability of inequality and violence toward women, children and each other in general.

When Love and Truth walk together they have a magic protection. 
Truth is not always "pretty".

There are many ways we, justify the abuse and violence of the predator-prey dynamic, by telling ourselves that we would not KNOW the difference between heaven, without hell ~ 
or that life would be boring if we did not have "lessons" to learn.

Heaven and Hell are only constructs, man made and meticulously developed by the language and systems of domination ( see Doctrines and Papal Bulls).
The only "lesson" about abuse, war, violence and harming each other and Mother Earth, is to heal and put on another movie ~ 
Isn't 5000 years of the Age of the Predator and it's re-runs enough?
Good and bad is a very 2 dimensional reality…
what else is possible, when there is no ideological war between heaven and hell?

A Woman who Knows and is healing the Predator-Prey dynamic is returning to her natural way of Being,  to the Wilding Nature of Who she IS ~

Love is Energy in motion (pulsing heart beat) with the consciousness ( aware intelligence) of the dreaming dreaming of creationing ~ electro magnetic multi-dimentional metamorphosing imagining of creationing ~

John Trudell- Out of the Cage
John Trudell - Power is in your Heartbeat
Tina Turner - What's Love got to do with it?

thank you for listening ~ feels good to get rid of this ~

Alis Itlatol