Monday, February 16, 2015

Nourishing Reality ~

Quote: John Trudell

~ and we can change how we see reality ~
nourish and harmonize our inner and inter connected
heart-mind dance of
electromagnetic resonant energy

Bird Feeding Children by thefabweb

"the blamers and the blamed
play a dangerous game
turning responsibility 
into another one of their casualties" 

~ It is what it is ~ John Trudell

Nourishing Reality

he nourishes reality
for the next generation
to change the game
of shame blame ostracization
of internalized colonization
turned into lateral violence
and matrixes of pain

daughter of earth and sky
clarity's resonant heart and mind 
changes the game
unveiling veils
of predator and prey
that prey
on creationings wilding ways
deep down uprooting  
beliefs the predator prey gave 
questioning everything
turning wounds to medicine

ancestor memories today 
earth and sky's changing ways
innocence lightning rains
calling spirits  
to paint being and reality 
with the thundering
breath song
 of creationings
wilding ways

Much gratitude to John Trudell ~ 
for feeding us crazy, beautiful, healing, medicine, reality, ~ for decades.

Without my Ancestors, Elders, Family, Relatives ~ all Healing Artists of Life ~
surely i have died many times ~ for sure i went crazy with the pain ~
but the truth is ~ no matter what kind of violence has been done, 
in whatever form ~
~ am still here ~ yeah ~
~ daughter of Earth and Sky ~ 
and Earth and Sky are Wild ~

In Joy
Alis ~ All Life Is Sacred
Itlatol ~ Life's Voice, Song and Wise Ways

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